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The Disappointing Performance Of MU, Rooney Calm

The 2016 European Championship qualification, United Kingdom are in Group E along with Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and San Marino. United have beenwading through six games and colonised standings with a value of 18 WINS and a record-enter-entry 18-3 goals.

In the six matches it, Wilshere play five times, all as a starter, and scored two goals.Two goals were scored at the minute to Wilshere-57 and 73 in the match against Slovenia, at Petrol Arena, June 14, 2015, which ended 3-2 for the United Kingdom. One goal, another Wayne Rooney created United, while Chelsea host created MilivojeNovakovic (37) and Nejck Pecnik (84).

In the meantime, before the match between United Kingdom and San Marino (5/9/2015), Arsenal got four matches in the Premier League, beating West Ham United (9/8/2015), Crystal Palace (16/8/2015), Liverpool (24/8/2015) and Newcastle United (29/8/2015).

The Disappointing Performance Of MU, Rooney Calm

The captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney happy to be victory in the inaugural Premier League 2015-2016. He also does not want a dizzying game of thy Word is far from satisfactory.

MU managed to grab three points after the win against Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 overTottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (8/8/2015). In this game The Red Devils lose the whole Depay anyarnya players namely Memphis, Morgan Schneiderlin, Matteo Darmian, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Sergio Romero.

Although he got a shot of the new quality of the players later, MU still unable to score a goal from open game scheme. Evident when, Louis van Gaal reacted's squads won a 1-0 victory after Spurs Defender Kyle Walker, do own goal in the 22nd minute.

Although it is still far from satisfactory, said Rooney remains thankful to get past thedifficulty of the first game with a victory.

"Today is all about getting three points," said Rooney was quoted as saying from BBC Sport.

"Pramusim relatively short compared to the previous one. We are currently still working and this is a big win for us, "Rooney's close.

The Disappointing Performance Of MU, Rooney Calm

This victory put MU tops league table while in the United Kingdom the season premiere of 2015-2016 armed with three numbers. In the next game, MU into the headquarters of Aston Villa, the Villa Park Stadium, Friday (2/8/2015).

Manchester United grabbed a 1-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur, Premier Leaguematch on Prime 2015-2016, at Old Trafford, Manchester, Saturday (8/7/2015). The Red Devils victory determined by Kyle Walker's own goal in the 22nd minute.

Opened the game with a 4-2-3-1, MU plays his new four players, namely Matteo Darmian, Memphis Depay, Morgan Schneiderlin, and Sergio Romero. Romeru playing substitute goalkeeper David De Gea, who also entered the list of backup players. Substitute goalkeeper position given to Sam Johnston.

Throughout the first half, the game runs with a slow tempo. Both teams seemed toplay closed. However, all that changed after the match stepped on 15 minutes. MU look more dominant 55 percent possession.

Ruptured THY deadlock in the 22nd minute. Through rapid counterattacks, Young let go flat cross to Rooney's free-standing on the right side. Kyle Walker to throw outthe ball from the back quite accidentally menceploskannya into his own goal. THY winning 1-0.

The Disappointing Performance Of MU, Rooney Calm

MU back get opportunities in 36 minutes. Juan Mata opened fire at close range volley with his left foot. However, the direction of sliced still sideways on the left side of the net with Tottenham. The superiority of one goal, MU goes up to the first round is over.

Superior to one goal in the first half to make THEE kian confidently lead a second-half action. Louis van Gaal reacted crime forces continue to encircle the Defense Spurs through the side of the wing.

Depay get a chance match stepped on the 50th minute. Dutch midfielder BELI LIKE INSTAGRAM unleashing Spurn right foot from outside the penalty box. Alas, the directions are still high above the crossbar.

MU lowers the player later, Bastian Schweinsteiger, in the 60th minute. German blooded players down replacing Michael Carrick. Apparently, van Gaal reacted like to THEE appear more attack from the middle of the field to do a turn.

Wayne Rooney has a good chance of adding to the primacy of MU at 73 minutes. Alas, the sources soon close range utilizing upmpan Crosslinking Ashley Young still flaring in the left side of the goal for Tottenham.

Sergio Romero did a resounding rescue action four minutes before the game was over. Christian Eriksen hard shot from the right side of defence was able to ditepisnyawith one hand. In fact, the direction of the ball had changed. The victory 1-0 MU survived until after the game.

Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, MU release one shot titis from five experiments, while the Spurs let go five shots accurately from seven attempts. With those results, MU while sitting in fourth position, under Leicester City, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa.